You have a Dent, What Now?

First, send us an image of the damage along with the year make and model. Note: close up picutures alone give us no reference of the actual size and location of the dent. We need to know the size and location of the dent to give you an accurate quote.

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How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

There are generally three paths to repair most common dents and dings. Many times these need to be combined to make a dent flawless.

Direct leverage. Gaining access to the metal with direct force on the dent, from behind. This can be done behind your factory bracing, through sound dampening pad, and on body lines for a minor uncharge. This method traditionally requires the creation of access, which will be plugged and rust proofed once the job is complete. PDR is the preferred method of Dealerships and Auto Auctions because it doesn't cost as much and it's typically a faster repair for the technician.

Indirect leverage. Gaining access within the recess of a panel and using a bridge to affect the surface or skin of your vehicle. Typically this requires the removal and reinstallation of factory parts, such as inner door trim, headliners, or anything that might prevent access to the outer shell from behind.

Glue pulling. The process of pulling the surface of the damage with specially formulated hotmelt glue in conjunction with hardened plastic or metal tabs. Necessarily, the tech will choose the appropriate tab, type of glue, temperature of the glue, all based upon the climate, temperature, location, and type of alloys within each panel. Once the glue and tab are attached to the surface of the metal it is either lifted with a slide-hammer or a mini-lifter. Typically, a slide hammer shocks the metal with a very strict upward jab, while a mini-lifter provides a more direct and slower progress upwards. In the hands of a professional, this process is excellent for areas that cannot be reached with other methods.

If you purchase a kit and try it yourself, you're going to see very quickly why we charge what we do, you will do more damage than good. There are two more advanced methods that include heat induction machines and oil can shrinking machines. These machines are too expensive and bulky for us to risk taking to your home for a mobile repair. They are reserved for larger damage at one of our facilities.

Why is Paintless the best option?

Paintless Dent Removal is the preferred method to remove dents and dings from your automobile. We reshape the metal back to its original position. When an object strikes your vehicles metal it pushes the metal and deforms it. We reverse this process from behind the metal bringing it back to its factory setting. PDR is the least intrusive method to repair your dent. Automotive Body Shops want to rip your vehicle apart and charge you thousands of dollars while reducing your vehicles cost. The traditional method has several drawbacks: First, it costs more. Second, it takes more time. Third, its an inferior repair because they are replacing parts/paint that are not OEM original. Also they cannot match your vehicles paint so they "blend" into undamaged panels to create an optical illusion of a match. When they do this, those panels become damaged on a CarFax report. Each panel noted on CarFax negatively impacts the value of your vehicle in a resale situation.
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Dents Are My Passion

Dent repair's on your car, is our passion. We provide paintless dent repairs "near me", today: presuming that you live in Lakeland, FL and outlying areas. We know what it takes repair hail damage, small dents & dings, and even very large damage, saving you money, time, and the value of your vehicle.

Dents and dings are going to happen, that is why we have the highest level of PDR training in the industry, to ensure you are getting the highest level of professional dent removal possible. Paintless dent repair cost, varies from dent to dent. This is why we offer free online, over the phone, and in person estimates.

We love to see satisfied customers saving them, time, money, and value. Our saying is, "we don't just pull dents, we make people happy".

Quality Mobile Paintless Dent Repair & Standardised Pricing

We use a pricing menu, to determine how much your dent costs. This is based upon industry standards, to protect you. There are costs associated with repairing a dent properly, that lower quality techs don't know about and don't consider. Doing something wrong for 20 years, doesn't make you an expert. If I told you, I could save you 1000$ on the resale of your vehicle by doing it right for 100$ vs. 50$, would you listen?

If your price hunting for the lowest cost for your repair, I get it. I do the same thing with expenses. However, this is not like cutting your yard or buying a gallon of milk. You are purchasing the artist. Just like with paintings or any other artistic discipline levels of accuracy vary. There is a reason that I have so many reviews online. These are no coherced, customers have simply called other local companies and then ended up calling us. The difference is night and day.